A Miner Detail Podcast

Back from sabbatical: A Miner Detail’s Beasley and Miner’s triumphant return

September 11, 2016

Summer vacation is over and the kids are back to school. Eric Beasley and Ryan Miner are back - uncut and raw (sounds dirty). 

After a brief sabbatical - Eric was busy, after all, running for office, Eric and Ryan are back on Sunday evenings at 9:00 p.m. - that's every Sunday evening beginning Sunday, September 11 until we grow bored. But it's the fall, and it's a monumentally important election year: there isn't any time for boredom. 

Topics we'll discuss this week include: 

- Eric's Brunswick campaign adventure 

- The case of the mysterious campaign flyer 

- Frederick Magazine's September spread on local bloggers, including A Miner Detail - Dan Bongino's Florida congressional race - Washington County BOE member Mike Guessford's ethical problems  - Term limits in Montgomery County  - Elections elections elections - A run-down of the top political races in Maryland  - Eric's disdain for Bleachbit  - And, probably much, much more.