A Miner Detail Podcast

Hagerstown Policing, Body cameras, Board of Education bullies and Union cronies

September 25, 2016

Join Eric Beasley and Ryan Miner for a jam-packed show at 9:00 p.m. on A Miner Detail. 

Tonight we will discuss: 

- A follow-up to the Hagerstown Policing incident

- More on Robin Ficker's follies 

- The national publicity surrounding the Hagerstown Policing incident

- Washington County Union president's email to teachers

- Stan Stouffer meets with union reps and demand BOE put a halt to Ryan 

- Herald-Mail's front-page story on Washington County's Board of Education dysfunction 

- Melissa William's tea party with Todd Roberts 

- Frederick County politics 

- John Delaney files FEC complaint against Amie Hoeber

- Delaney's first attack ad against Hoeber 

- Hoeber/Delaney B'Nail Israel forum 

- Delaney's suggestion to use tolls to fix I-270

- Ryan's visit to his college homecoming

- Thoughts on Clinton/Trump debate