A Miner Detail Podcast

Unwinding the Charleston shooting: An honest conversation on race in America

June 24, 2015

Charleston, South Carolina experienced an unimaginable tragedy after a racist twenty-one-year-old gunman murdered nine African-American churchgoers during a weekly prayer service at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

The aftermath of the shooting has once again opened the wounds of racism in America and has ignited a national conversation about white supremacy and the Confederate flag. 

Mark Brown, Pastor Exum and Ryan Miner will unwind these delicate racial issues. Ryan and his guests will work to bring attention to the root of the issues at hand and offer solutions on how we can attempt to move forward and live in a post-racial society. 

Join Ryan Miner, the host of A Miner Detail, on Wednesday, June 24, at 9:00 p.m. for a new episode of A Miner Detail.